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Discover the varied surroundings of Texel

The island of Texel is 25 kilometres long and 8 kilometres wide yet still has plenty to offer. It is the ideal location for nature lovers and peace seekers. Admire the dunes, the beautiful beach, the sea and the extensive woods. Visit the old town of Den Burg, where you can sit down relax on a terrace, shop and visit museums.

Nature and culture suggestions

  • Dunes of Texel National Park
  • Texel brewery tasting room
  • Visit the lighthouse
  • Visit Den Hoorn, Oosterend and Oudeschild
  • Summer and winter festivals
  • Cinema

Museum suggestions

  • EcoMare
  • Shipwreck and Jutter Museum
  • Museum Kaap Skil 

More active suggestions

  • Cycling and walking routes
  • Play holes on the golf course
  • Subtropical swimming pool
  • Boat trip on the Wadden Sea
  • Outdoor pool

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